Daily Journal of Gratitude


Everyone loves receiving gifts, whether they are to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, weddings or just for the heck of it! Part of the fun lies in the anticipation; unwrapping the brightly colored packaging and being totally surprised with something fun and unexpected! But we don’t have to wait months until the next holiday for that excitement….we are consistently surrounded by amazing blessings!

This past Christmas I received a book entitled, The Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude by Sarah Ban Breathnach. www.amazon.com The small book is both a daily journal with a motivational quote and a list of 150 “overlooked blessings” to help get you reflecting on the positive. The basic idea is to list five things daily for which you are thankful. After a month, you’ll have recorded 140 blessings which will transform your perspective from Emptiness to Abundance. Simple!

The beauty of this idea is in its simplicity! These blessing entries don’t have to be giant or profound. Face it, some days just suck! You may feel sickly, look disgusting and do not accomplish anything!


On these days I try to remember what it felt like during my hospital ordeals; with an IV needle in my arm and a breathing tube down my throat. Although being on portable oxygen tanks can be challenging, in comparison to those darker days, my abilities and mobility are boundless! Acts 24:3 says, “In every way and everywhere we accept this with all gratitude.”

My New Year’s resolution is to stick with the gratitude journal so, after the full 2014 year, I will have become more mindful, reflective, positive, motivated and hopefully accomplished.

Follow me as I will be tweeting @Breathethislife with #DailyBlessings. I encourage you to keep your own “Daily Blessings” journal and let me know what discover!

~ Breathe Easy! ~

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