100 Days of Blessings



It has been a little over a hundred days….about 3 months since I started my “Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude.” Recording 5 daily gifts I am thankful for, I can look back, jubilant for 500 blessings in my life!

Although I began 2014 eager to live passionately, I must admit that by February I had sunk back into my daily monotony of laziness. To avoid general and redundant “thankful” entries such as “nice day today” or “interesting tv show,” I pushed my activity level. I decided to make a list of accomplishments I wanted to be thankful for….and did them.


Identifying the gifts abounding, both big and small, my perspective changed. Now, each day I challenge myself to take advantage of every joyous opportunity while taking the time to quiet my soul and refect on the less extravegant moments. Some examples are cooking a big meal or finishing a work out regimen. Others would be a shared, hearty laugh with my brother or finding a birds nest out back.

Joel Olsteen says in his book, ‘I Declaire,’ “Whenever we speak something, we give life to what we are saying…..you’ve got to send your words out in the direction you want your life to go.”


#Think positive. Be positive. Reflect Positivity.

~Breathe This Life~