My Personal Story…

Welcome to “Breathe This Life,” my personal story of overcoming breathing challenges to live passionately.  I am happy that you found my blog and hope you continue to follow my journey. Before I begin doling out random messages of encouragement, it seems sensible to explain a bit about my past so you may understand my perspective on life.

As a child, I underwent a series of operations to fix serious heart defects. At a critical time when my left lung collapsed and my body was having difficulty responding to the corrective surgeries, I was put on hospice. Life expectancy: Low. 

At age six I became a Make-A-Wish kid. While the heart surgeries were necessary to keep me kickin’, complications during my hospital stay left me with permanent breathing challenges.

Growing up, I joined the neighborhood boys for cul-de-sac basketball, soccer and football pickup games; joined school basketball teams; went on family camping trips; even hiked the Narrows in Zion National Park! I was able to do these activities because I went at a slower pace or took breaks. Years later I learned  my lack of endurance was caused by low oxygenation in the blood. Once the doctors identified the problem, they prescribed supplemental oxygen tanks, allowing me to live on my own, work a part-time job and take college classes.

Through the course of events, such as several trips to the ICU for pneumonia, breathing challenges grew, as did my need for supplemental oxygen. Limited in my activity level, I re-examined the goals in my life. It is through this journey of realization and self-discovery that I am writing this blog in hopes of connecting with those who share similar interests and challenges. By blogging about overcoming obstacles with passion, perhaps I can help you find inspiration and live out your own idea of happiness.

~Breathe Easy~