A Love/Hate Relationship With Salt.

Back in the day, when I was in the hospital recovering from a fifth and final heart surgery, the doctor put me on a “Low Salt Diet.” This was common practice for heart patients to prevent swelling and meant a diet of natural foods (fruits and veggies) : Definitely NO Top Ramon!!!

Before my admittance to the hospital, I had been enjoying a package a day habit- I should have joined RA (Ramon Anonymous) – but when a heart doctor says do something, you do it right?? After all, I DID want to maximize my chances of living (beats the alternative, eh?)

Long Story Short: I chose not to heed his advice and arranged for my parents to sneak packages of the delicious, noodle goodness in for lunch. After all, who knows better, a Cardiologist who had 10 yrs of schooling or a 7 yr/old boy?!?!

Since then I’ve tried to lighten my Ramon intake by eating it occasionally and only then with half the flavor package. I also found this great recipe for a healthier “Homemade Ramon!” I use low-salt chicken broth and top it with a smorgasbord of veggies. Check out the video to try it yourself. I use this recipe for a “Go-To, Feel Good Party In My Mouth!”

Homemade “Happy” Ramon

Over the years I’ve developed a liking to “healthier” food and feel the urge to stuff my face with surgery/salty food less and less. Still, there are things that bring back great memories and feelings of comfort. A rockin’ song, a bright red balloon, the smell of a certain perfume or in my case, a bubbling hot, flavored noodle soup!

…..So despite my desire to fight my Ramon addiction, I saw this post on Facebook, jumped up and proclaimed: WHERE AND WHEN CAN I PICK THIS UP??


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