What is YOUR motivation??


If you’re anything like me, you begin with the best of intentions in accomplishing a goal…but somehow end up frustrated, quitting from lack of progress. What Happened?!?! It’s not like I don’t put forth a solid effort. Take writing a blog, for example: I allot time for focused writing, organize blog notes by topic and entry and set up a work space with a wide open, inspiring view of nature.

Still, even on the most organized days, random thoughts sometimes break my concentration, causing me to loose attention and train of thought. I think some people have the misconception that being distracted is the same as not being motivated.

Speaking from experience, I have been excited at achieving goals (such as becoming physically fit, writing a book or building a business) but when it comes down to putting in the time and effort, I get “distracted.” Having overcome life-and-death struggles, I know beating the odds isn’t just a matter of mental toughness but also mental fortitude.

Bill Russell, 13-time NBA champion and thought to be the best player in history, is quoted as saying,

“Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory.”

Motivation is necessary to keep getting up but discipline is needed to put in the effort once standing. That combination builds resiliency, an attribute important to accomplishing any goal. To put it into simple mathematical terms:

Motivation + Action = Mental Toughness

As Rocky Balboa said,

“It’s not how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can GET hit and keep getting up.”

After all, attaining goals is not just about how well you overcome obstacles but also how much you can keep going in the face of those challenges. Motivation, Discipline, Resilience, Mental Fortitude: It all comes down to Action.

Below is an easy to follow instructional video that will guide you though steps to become more productive.

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~ Breathe Easy ~

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