Living In The Moment

For years, while everyone had the hip Smart phones and I-Phones while I was stuck with the non-internet-connected flip phone. When I first received the Sprint flip phone, I felt hip and stylish, as if it were a hi-tech Star Trek Communicator! However, years passed and technology improved while I kept the same phone. While I felt out of touch at the time, in hind sight it was a blessing. I wasn’t faced with the temptations of Facebook/twitter/email bombarding me with alerts 24/7.

Because of my aversion to impersonal communication, my phone was used solely for phone calls.  Sometimes I would use the phone in place of a watch for time management or to get out of a stagnant conversation…”it’s getting late, I gotta go….” but never in place of it.

I recently watched a video that profoundly put technology’s importance into perspective. Please watch before continuing the post.

I’m confounded to understand why people act like those in the video, furiously trying to stay connected to people but loosing true connection to life. They are missing out on the EXPERIENCE OF BEING IN THE MOMENT.

I’m not condemning innovation. On the contrary, technology is wonderful if used to improve passionate actions.

I recently bought an I-phone with all the bells and whistles…..and have become what I so reviled: Someone who substitutes online life for REAL life. I’ve been checking and updating my Facebook/twitter/blog/ more often….not urgent and can do from home. Texting and apps are a waste of time and distract you from the joy of living. Why? As we see with the male hiker, he talks on the phone while climbing to the top and coming back down the mountain. Taking away the fact that it’s extremely rude to others, there is nothing overtly wrong with that. The male hiker won’t likely get hurt or loose his way and he’ll get in his daily exercise while supposedly having a meaningful conversation.

But what is his missing? Exactly! What?? He doesn’t know what he’s missing. Perhaps a furry animal running about. Perhaps a rare flower under a bush. Perhaps the beauty of the glimmering sun as it sets across the city. Perhaps it’s simply clearing his mind and taking in a deep breath of fresh air.

“But we need to stay in communication!!”

Communication is essential to community but sometimes it is a distraction. Being alone is just as important as being with others, for it is in those moments when you are fully open to new, profound ideas and inspiration. When you are alone with your thoughts and feelings, there is no hiding from honesty within yourself.

For more on Knowing Yourself, check out my post:…/12/who-are-you/

— Breathe This Life —


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