Meditation (& Donuts) Is Good For The Soul

meditationMove over Chicken Soup….Meditation is the new (actually it’s been around for centuries) life-enriching perspective that can enrich your soul.

About a year ago I decided to make a concerted effort to “get out there” and meet new friends and explore new and exciting activities. My buddy had learned about mindfulness and thought I could benefit from some classes. Upon searching for meditation groups on, I found one and made the early morning 40-minute drive to experience the techniques for myself. I had imagined some big, ornately decorated church-like building and was pleasantly surpised when GPS guided me to what looked like a quaint home.

Walking in the front door past 2 honest-to-goodness monks in full robes and into the Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center, I imediately felt at ease. I took a seat amidst the group of silent practitioners and got my guided meditation on! “Ohh-m-m-m…”

new meditation hall

By the end of the hour-long meditation, my mind was without worry, my body felt rested and my soul at ease. A beautiful new experience!

Now for the long freeway drive home……I may need more meditation for this!

Some days, positive vibes seem to come naturally as joyful moments fall into place. The sun shines warm rays, the breeze gently blows….even the impetuous drivers seem to speed down the highway with an air of politeness.  I’m used to winding down my day after one or two activities but today I’m still full of energy and exhuberant to take advantage of the remaining daylight. **Winning!**

It’s only noon! Flash, Bang! How about treating mysef to lunch? My favorite asian restaurant, Osaka, is on the way home and I know the chef, or itamae as they are called in Japan. I stop in for one of my favorite fried rolls, stuffed mushrooms, miso soup and friendly conversation. “To Go” I tell him. (to check out another of my sushi adventures, click here: !

I get in my car to head home and see a Krispy Kreme Dougnuts. Oh Snap! I totally forgot it was located here! I probobly shouldn’t be loading up on sugar but I convince myself that I’ll only eat one or two and the rest are “for my parents.”IMG_1715

“I’ll have six to go, please.” You can probobly guess how many were shared…..that’s right….ONE. What, did you think I’d eat them ALL?? I’m not a glutton….LoL.


Anyway, I figure a veggie stir-fry is in order to counteract the 5000Gs of sugar coursing through my veins. But for now, it’s time to go run a 15 minute sugar-high marathon…..then collapse.

**Remember: Some foods are good for the body while others are good for the soul.**

~~ Breathe Easy ~~


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