It’s rabbit season


Holy crap! So I’m sitting at the kitchen table reading a book and out the window I see a rabbit darting across  my backyard. I jump up, open the sliding glass door slowly as to not make too much noise and walk softly as possible to the fence, crunching from all the dried up leaves on the ground. By the time I get to the fence, it had jumped through and out to the back wash behind my house. I spy him, step up to get a better view and freeze like the rabbit does with it’s ears perked up. I stand with my toes balancing on the bottom of the fence, holding myself up for what seemed like 20 minutes – just me and the rabbit ,staring at each other. Damn, I left my phone inside and I don’t want to risk making noise and scaring him away! Suddenly, a second rabbit pops into view: Holy crap, never seen two at the same time! I have to come inside and get my phone to take pictures… So I slowly step down; *CRUNCH* The sound of dried up leaves below my feet scared the first one away. I decide to stay put and I’m rewarded when a THIRD Little bunny hops into view, as if coming to mingle with the second bunny. This is too good to not capture on film – I have to take a chance and fetch my phone inside. “FIGHT THE FEELING…and just enjoy nature Big T.” 

10 minutes of stone silence, patiently admiring the magnificent, wild rabbits: the sprinkles on top of the chocolate sundae that is the bunnies, is the scene of a squirrel suddenly crawling out of its hole: “HELLO!!!” LoL…..I wonder if he was Chip or Dale? 

As Bugs’ relatives all dart off to their homes to make dinner, I take a deep breath, smiling ear to ear….I don’t   need to leave home to experience God’s beauty.


         — Breathe This Life —


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