You Can Be a Part of History: Join Divestment Day, Feb 13-14th!

Life is precious. Think of how much you love your parents, siblings, children and friends. What if they were slowly suffocating and there was nothing you could do about it. I feel like my breathing is getting worse, and while I do yoga to improve my endurance, my doctor has said it will never get back to how it was when I was younger….wearing 3 liters at night and “as needed.” Now I’m on constant 5liters. Fortunately, the majority of people I know breathe well… And there IS something we can do to prevent them from facing the same challenges: join me on Feb. 13th and 14th to divest from institutions who have interests that hurt the environment. This will be a transformative event!

Climate Change Reports

Act Local, Vote Global

OO Obama’s Keystone Veto: Proof That Climate Activism Works says Bill McKibben.

** Let’s make 2015 the year the world vows to leave fossil fuels in the ground for good.
Institutions and individuals have already divested $50 billion from the fossil fuel industry. The US conversation around the future of fossil fuels is changing dramatically A new study confirmed that around 80% of fossil fuels do indeed need to stay underground. Will you help keep them there?

It’s clear that fossil fuels are history – be part of that history:
Join Global Divestment Days, February 13th-14th.

Click here to find an event near you or start your own. It’s going to be beautiful, powerful, and not a moment too soon. Take a look:



*** Rejecting Climate Change Facts Is Denial, Not Skepticism:Tell the Media

Scientists should practice and promote scientific…

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