Eating Crab: A Metaphor For Life!


“Anytime you get your Chinese, your Brazillians and your Italians all agreeing on something, it’s pretty clear it’s a really good idea. Everybody agrees that this complicated looking creature, with the troublesome shells, is worth the work.

So you tear off the little limbs. (we’ll get to you later my friends ;- )

Rip out the tail….these little lungs, you don’t want them. Now you got all this nice fat in there……oh….yeeeah.

Now we’re getting to the claw. Look at that! Let’s poke it outta there: *crunch*

Oh yea, this is that nubby goodness….like a celestial nibble. Ah!”

(Here comes the patented Bourdain rant! Notice how he elequently turns the process of eating this delicious sea-creature into profound social commentary.)

“When people started demanding boneless stuff… chicken without a bone. Or crab-meat without the actual crab. Or lazy lobster. That was the begining of the erosion of our society as we know it.

If you’re not willing to work for a payoff like this:

(cue crab leg) Drunken-Alaska-King-Crab-Legs_03_mini

….how do you expect us to like….fight Al Qaeda if you can’t suck the meat out of a f*ckin Crab?

…….It’s a character builder and delicious.”

— Anthony Bourdain,


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