Celebrate Life!


I love this sentiment! It’s just a duh, Idea. Most of the time we feel like we’re grinding through our lives, waiting for something inspiring or exciting to uplift our spirits and motivate us. It seems that we expect disappointment in life and seek an easy solution. What we need to understand is that, in the long run, negativity (even if it’s passive) takes more effort and causes more stress than the effort it takes to keep a positive frame of mind. Why don’t more people choose positivity? Because working a mental process takes diligence and fortitude: you must CHOOSE to be positive. By celebrating EVERYTHING you are taking decisive steps to build a happy soul.

If you’re interested in learning the difference between happiness and true joy, while uplifting your soul, check out this post: https://breathethislife.wordpress.com/2014/04/07/uplift-your-soul-in-only-4-minutes/

God Bless,

~ Breathe This Life ~


(photo taken from http://lifeandloveandhappiness.wordpress.com)


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