Blessings Don’t Always Appear Benificial

I am extremely grateful for every person and situation in my life, both uplifting and challenging. My life is great, not from what is in it but because I am alive to experience it!

It can be a bit frustrating, though, when people without breathing or health issues make their glass half-full situations sound half empty. Do they not understand how blessed they are?? It is difficult to feel sympathy for that….

I guess everyone adopts their own perspective based on life situaions. I can not control how others experience the world but I CAN be thankful for those experiences that make me a stronger person.

That is why everyday I make a conscious effort to thank God for each blessing bestowed on me. Even the hurdles that cause me to stumble can be tools that strengthen my stamina and perseverence.

As Eric Idle from Monty Python sang, “Always look on the bright side of life.”


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