Memorial Day Gratitude


When I think of a patriot, I think of someone who is willing to die for their country; someone who puts the well-being of society above their own. I don’t know if anyone would consider me a patriot, although I am patriotic. What I do have is a deep urge to serve a greater purpose. Call it destiny or a calling, I’ve always felt that my purpose was to help others in a big way!

Born and raised in the hot Arizonan desert, I have had a special fondness of water activities; swimming, fishing, boating and the occasional shower. It was only natural that I began thinking about getting into a water related profession.

A grandson to WWII vets, I heard their stories and became inspired to find my direction in life. I too would have liked to have joined the Armed Services; serving the greater good, learning a particular set of skills (see Taken), traveling the world and being on the open water. One day as I pondered a job that incorporated all my interests, something clicked! What could be better than joining the Navy?!?!


Unfortunately, as my heart and lung challenges grew, it became clear that the Navy was not in the cards. I may not have been able to join the military on the battlefield but I can still serve others. It’s a matter of using my passions for the environment, humor and advocating for the underdog to fill the needs of my community and effect change.

We are all soldiers in the fight for a better world, however, we reserve today to celebrate those who risked their lives to prove it.

Happy Memorial Day!


~ Breathe This Life ~




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