Sushi Night!

The day after classes ended (I’ve gone back to college to finish my degree), I decided to treat myself. There’s a sushi-n-steak house down the road called osaka and I thought, “Why not? I’ve put in the work this semester.” Picked up my order of rolls, wontons, miso soup and salad. “Thanks.” Walking to my car with a smile on my face, how could the day get any better??


BAM! Right next door was a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! Hmm…I’m saving my money for summer vaccation…..but who in their right mind can resist a warm, sugary glazed cake?! “Five good ones, please!”


Lunch, dessert and a few episodes of Orphan Black: my afternoon’s planned!

Life is a constant struggle to grow and improve. Whatever you do, remember to take a moment here and there to reward yourself. You’re worth it!


~~ Breathe Easy~~


4 thoughts on “Sushi Night!

  1. Tom, I am on day 4 of no sugar so those donuts made me drool! I have some pics from my trip to send you. Love to you and yours, Meg


  2. Hey Tom, I really happy you are blogging so much more. I love to get an email saying there is a new post. Of course, now I have to go out and get doughnuts because of that picture ! I will also look for something extraordinary while I am on my way to the doughnut shop.


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