Make Life Extra-Ordinary!



If you have kept up with my blog then you know about my Daily Gratitude Journal. In it, I ‘ve been documenting at least 5 daily blessings that have fulfilled my life in some way. Today, watching a preview for Penny Dreadful, Showtime’s new show melding literary horror stories together (, the character of Dorian Gray mentioned something that struck a chord. I searched for a link to this clip for your viewing pleasure, to no avail. Anyhow, what he said was,

“I like to see one extraordinary thing everyday.”

That is my new motto. I don’t want to simply look on the positive side of life anymore, I want to choose to be passionate and fulfilled. I want to explore the world around me and broaden my horizons.

I recently watched a PBS interview about YouTube and it’s effect on the dumbing down of America. We as humans enjoy being positive and sharing experiences with like-minded people. YouTube, as a resource, can allow people to do that but, in practice, creates a loop of laziness and misinformation. We search for what we know and enjoy and since we can’t search for something we are unfamiliar with, can’t break out of the box and appreciate new perspectives.

Well, not me! I want to Grow. Change. Explore. Improve. Become. And to  do that I need to set big, long-term goals, explore new adventures and push through the illusions of insecurity and self-doubts to grab hold of my destiny.

Check out the upcoming show of Penny Dreadful and keep me updated on your new adventures of the soul!

— Breathe Easy —


2 thoughts on “Make Life Extra-Ordinary!

  1. I have enjoyed getting to know you Tom, you have walked a hard road too, I understand breathing problems, I had chronic Asthma for about ten years and in the end I was on a machine morning and night, I was often rushed to Hospital and night Surgeries, sometimes just getting there it in time, than God healed me and my bad heart too.

    I don’t buy Pictures Tom but I do appreciate that you thought to ask, is it your work or just a past time?

    Christian Love – Anne


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