Uplift Your Soul In Only 4 Minutes!

What’s great about this song is that while Pharrell’s words encourage us to be in a happy mood, his music inspires your hands, feet and soul to dance! I DARE you to watch this video and not smile/dance/clap and feel totally groovie!

On a more serious note, allow me to get a bit deep as I analyze the word “happy” and it’s effects on our mood.

I compare Joy and Happiness to states of Emotional and Logical. “Happiness” to me is merely a mental state, an effort that is made to create the impression of having a good mood. We may smile, (fake) laugh, think on positive things, stop criticisms….but can’t always mask our worries or convince ourselves that life is good. Have you ever asked a friend, “Are you happy?” and they answer defenively, “Yea, I’m happy!”

TRUE “Joy” is emotional. It is a state of blissful consciousness that informs every aspect of our lives. In my younger days when I went to clubs to meet girls, my friend and I had a montra to gain confidence, “fake it till you make it.” Basically, pretend you are confident until you become confident. That applies to self-esteem too.

Act Happy; focus on positive thoughts and ignore negatvity. Soon those processes will become habits, then a perspective, then mentality. Jofullness, will suddenly take hold of your spirit and allow you to feel free to reach your fullest potential and impact others positively.

Happiness is seeing the glass half full while Joy is the ability to see water no matter how much fills the cup.

~~ Breathe Easy! ~~



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