Pushing Your Limits


Do you remember Jr. High Physical Education class?

Back, all too many years ago when I felt young and energetic, one of my favorite activities was the obstacle course. I have fond memories of tackling those challenges: running through tires, wall climbing, crossing monkey bars, rope climbing, the balance beam, crawling under ropes and simple jogging. No matter each student’s physical abilities, I remember everyone having fun and feeling a sense of achievement.

The great thing about obstacles in athletics or in life is that ultimately, the challenge is a mental one, not between you and the opponent but you and yourself. Similarly, the journey of Life is one big obstacle course. Some challenges may be extremely difficult but the thrill is in building perseverance, self esteem and strong moral character.

As the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson aptly put it: “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

~~ Breathe Easy! ~~


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