Be Sure Of Yourself!

A family friend who tutored me in math would motivate me by saying, “Be sure of yourself!” From then on, whenever my mom caught me being unsure or having self-doubts she’d repeat with a wide smile, “Be SURE of yourself!”

Everyone faces uncertainty at least once in their life. During Elementary and Jr. High school I was consistently ridiculed by peers, causing me to feel uncertain of my worth and abilities.

I struggled with self-esteem issues late into my teens until one day my dad laid a piece of knowledge on me: “We cannot control what happens to us, only how we react to it.”

Since then, wisdom and experience has taught me that if I’m honest with myself and understand my role in this world, my self-confidence stays strong!

I believe that God has destined me for something important. Often I am reminded of the character Simon Birch, from the film of the same name, about a 12 year old boy who, despite his unusually small size, believes God made him for a special, heroic purpose.

Even though I do not know how my destiny will take shape, I believe with my whole heart that it is my responsibility to put out positive vibes and uplift people.

Being a truly joyous person means stop feeling sorry for myself. Sometimes challenges get the best of me, though. Invited to go on outings with family or friends, the thought of organizing and lugging around heavy oxygen tanks (especially during the hot summer months) causes me to stay home thinking, “It’s not worth it.” These decisions often cause me to feel as if I’ve missed an opportunity to socialize and I’ll get depressed. It’s frustrating, knowing that it takes twice the amount of time and energy to do things others do on a whim. Going to movies, restaurants, grocery shopping, a simple walk around the neighborhood. Easy right? Not in my world.

When I find myself getting down I remember the prayer by St. Francis of Assisi:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

When we compare ourselves to others, trying to duplicate their lifestyle and choices, we fail to understand our own potential to become amazing, unique individuals.


~Breathe Easy~


Something to Smile About: “Blurred Lines Remake” ft. Robin Thicke, Jimmy Fallon & Roots

Many people have heard and seen the catchy new tune and video from uber-sexy Robin Thicke (who, by the way, is the son Alan Thicke, best known as the father on “Growing Pains.”)

The song is extremely sexual which is reflected in the original music video. However, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots have done it again! They took an adult song and created a cleverly entertaining family friendly version using unique sounds. This time: kindergarten musical instruments! 

After watching Jimmy & The Gang’s performance, I can’t help but smile and be transported  back to the youthful innocence I had in my “Sesame Street” phase. Can you imagine Kermit singing “Can’t let it get past me/You’re far from plastic/Talk about getting blasted/I hate these blurred lines?”

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