Trying New Things

I’ve talked about being inspired and doing things you are passionate about but today I’d like to throw new idea in the mix. Improvement.

We all want to improve and grow. To challenge ourselves by stepping out of our comfort zones. But knowing how is the key! Sometimes what we think is a huge challenge can be tackled with a simple answer.

For instance, you want to make friends but are shy? Join a group for  introverts! Want to learn yoga but disabilities make it difficult to join a gym? Buy a Yoga DVD to learn from home, at your own pace! Want to develop your chef skills but intimidated to jump into unfamiliar territory? Try cooking something you have tried many times already!

This last goal is the basis for my latest meal quest. Going through my recipe box, I found a dinner for Chicken Pot Pie. Having grown up on my mom’s New England recipe, I was familiar with the process and decided to try my hand at the website’s version. The first attempt was an odessy of chopping, measuring, walking around and disorganization. 2 hours later I’d put the dish in the oven and sat down, sweaty and out of breath. 7 Pies, 8 chicken breasts, 20 hours and 2 conniption fits later, I perfected a process that gets the job done; no hassle. It’s all about organization and pacing myself.


After all, improvement is not just about getting better results. It’s about learning a better way of thinking.


4 thoughts on “Trying New Things

    • Thanks Don! I appreciate you following my blog and enjoying it enough to nominate me for an award. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with the badge or how I go about writing an “acceptence post.” Let me know so I can properly show my appreciation.

      Love the idea that we’re a WordPress family.


      • Have a look at what I’ve written on my blog, and do something similar on your in your own words. I’ve added a widget to show a picture of the award on my sidebar. Let me know if you get stuck:)


        Don Charisma


      • PS. I know your blog layout is up to you, but I’d suggest changing the Home page so it gives a list of your blog posts, easy to do from dashboard … you have some great posts but there kind-of hidden away … just a thought:)


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