The Inspirational Power of San Diego

What I love about San Diego coastal living is that the weather is consistently beautiful! The beach bum mentality breeds good vibes because, seriously, what is there to complain about?


So-Cal weather is the perfect combination of warm, sunny rays and cool pacific breezes which heal the body and nourish the soul.

San Diego living has me headed to the ocean’s edge for a good time playing bocce ball or walking my cocker spaniel Shadow. I have tons of fun watching my buddies play volleyball and even had the stamina to temporarily remove my oxygen and sub in a few rallies! Serving a few turns, I was overwhelmed with joy, imagining I could be “one of the guys” without the worries of needing oxygen.

I’ve been doing yoga recently. After an uncomfortable live instructional, I decided to buy a dvd so I could learn from home at my own pace. Even though it’s hard for me to do some of the positions, I do the best I can because I feel like it helps my breathing. Sometimes I’ll be doing the basic stretches on the beach and see people on surf boards doing yoga poses like the sunbird, warrior and child. Now THAT’S impressive!

Another thing that inspires me at the beach is sailing…

A few years ago my aunt and uncle, visiting from a small New England town, joined my brother and me for a beautiful sunny day on the bay. They were so excited because they don’t get weather this nice back east. We decided to rent a sailboat, pack a picnic lunch and set sail. The challenge, of course, was storing a full metal oxygen canister on deck….

What if the boat jerked and the tank dropped into the bay?? Could I last without breath for the 10+ minutes it took for the wind to pull us to land? These are questions I think about each time I go on an outing. If I let those fears take over they can easily ruin what would be an exciting event.

Once we finished our instructional course, we pushed off and opened the sail…..BAM! The wind gust and like a sideways hot air balloon, we shot lickety-split along the water. My lungs filled with fresh oxygen and my heart skipped a beat as if I were on a thunderous roller coaster…..thrilling!

R1- 8A

The feeling of being on the water is unlike anything else. The breeze blowing through my hair, the sun on my face and all my worries tied to land, unable to reach me.

Today, upon arriving at the bayside, I unpacked my knapsack to jot down notes, old-school style (pen and paper) for a blog entry. I’m laying on a faded beach towel I’ve been using since I first learned to swim.

Beach paraphernalia and one oxygen canister are my only companions as the healing sun spontaneously breaks through the clouds to blanket my arms with goosebumps. Chills.

Everywhere you look, there are gifts that can inspire. For me, the beach; the ocean; the cool, fresh air; the warm sun; nothing compares.

**What Inspires You?**


Breathe Easy! 

2 thoughts on “The Inspirational Power of San Diego

  1. Your comment about your worry of having your oxygen falling into the water plagues me as well when we go on a Dolphin Tour. That fear is always in the back of my mind because I have to have oxygen 24/7. I still go out on the boat but I take two liquid oxygen portable tanks with me just in case. It’s getting closer to the time of my vacation! Then I too will be basking on the beach. haha!


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