Say “YES!” To Your Goals!

I  often set goals to be the best ME possible….but often fall short in my fallow-through. Sound familiar??


Everyone wants to succeed in life, be it in business or personal relationships. Sometimes figuring out how to do that can be difficult. I’ve read self-help books, listened to “inspirational tapes” and memorized positive movie quotes to guide me through the gloomy days.

The problem is that no matter how powerful the message, the impact has to come from within. YOU have to do the work. Here, I break down the process of improvement into 5 buzz words to help you stay focussed, or what I like to call the “5 P’s 2 Success.” Enjoy!

1. preparation – Organization is the key to achieving any goal.

2. Practice – How we measure ourselves in order to improve.

3. Performance –Work ethic will help no matter your talent level.

4. perseverance – Continue to work hard when faced with adversity.

5. Poise – Stay calm and level-headed, even in confrontation.

With these goals you will find yourself achieving things you didn’t think were possible! I know from personal experience that tackling a difficult challenge builds my confidence and ups my self-esteem! I go from Zero 2 Hero, from Chump 2 Champ….you get the picture.

**Now give yourself a high-five!**

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