What the 4th of July Means to Me

The Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress in 1776 as a response to England’s ruthless taxes and strict religious control.

Colonists wanted to be free so much so that they risked their lives by stating their desires in writing: The Declaration of Independence. People felt that they had the inherent right to be free and control their own destiny. Today, we celebrate the birth of the United States and this crazy idea they had, called “Freedom.”

On this day celebrating our national independence, I am drawn to thoughts of how my life has been challenged and improved through it. Independence is especially meaningful to me because everything I do and everywhere I go takes forethought and pre-planning. When circumstances challenge the ease at which you do things, you learn to enjoy every moment. I totally appreciate each new adventure, as it is another piece of evidence that strong will and a positive mentality will bless my life with amazing things!

One example is relating to part-time job I had during college; our family YMCA. My responsibilities were to answer phones, assist with customer questions, hand out locker keys, collect towels to be washed and any other odd job that needed to be done to make the members feel at ease.

To function well, I’d come to work with a mini oxygen tank-set behind the counter- and used it “as needed,” which meant I could go without for 5-10 minute spurts if I had to walk away from the desk to assist someone. Many days I’d come home after only 4 hours, physically exhausted. Still, I look back on that job experience with fond memories because it strengthened my work ethic, mental and physical endurance and allowed me to be the social butterfly that I am! Thank the Lord for whomever invented the technology to compact oxygen into a long lasting canister. There is no price on the gift of an indpendent lifestyle.

We are all one people. There are many tribes, perspectives, generations, religions and ideological viewpoints…..yet we have one commonality that can’t be refuted or disregarded: we are all HUMAN! And while the 4th of July is an American Holiday, the crusade to become a key participant in your own destiny is universal. One of my favorite film speeches seems relevant now with all the wars going on. But as someone with health issues, the “president’s” words about fighting for survival takes on a new meaning.

This 4th of July, wave your flag but when you do, hold it high with breath in your lungs and a smile on your face.

~Breathe Easy~

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