A Cold Can’t Keep Me Down

Hey you! It’s a new day…and I feel good!

The past few days have been kinda nuts. Let me explain…

Soon after my latest blog entry, I spent the day on the beach, getting a tan and breathing in the moist, fresh air; full relaxation. A few hours later, as I sat indoors, my stomach felt queazy and my body felt weak all over. As so many times before, I didn’t realize I may have over done my activity level until it was too late. I feel particularly stupid in hindsight, as one of my recent blog entry described the necessity of knowing your own body and it’s limitations. Late that night I awoke with alternating chills and sweats. The next day my mom noticed my usual clearing of my throat seemed more congested….so I added that to the list of cold symptoms: headache, coughing, weakness, chills and male hot-flashes….is there such a thing?? The scary aspect of getting a common cold for respiratory(lung) patients is how quickly it can develop into pneumonia: so I stayed diligent.

The next day I stayed inside, out of the sun and the windy ocean breeze. Sad but necessary. I kept bundled in my sweats, wrapped in my thick blankets in bed or in front of the T.V. What’s better for a cold than chicken soup and Kardashian reruns? There’s a book entitled, “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and if you’ve never read it, please do. The title is in no way misleading. Whenever I’m feeling under the weather, Mrs. Grass chicken noodle soup (or “Line Soup”, as my brother and I used to call it when we were young) and a grilled cheese always makes me feel better!  

Mrs. Grass aka "Line" Soup

Mrs. Grass aka “Line” Soup


Kardashians - guilty pleasure.

Kardashians – guilty pleasure   


Feeling Better!

Feeling Better!

While I was wrapped in my blankets, in and out of slumber, mom prepared to help me ward off potential lung infection. She stocked up on soup and Ginger Ale and made sure I had clean sweats to wear the next day. Everyone wants to be independent and show they can take care of themselves but it is important to be honest with your challenges as well – they are NOT a weakness! That said, I am thankful and appreciate my family and the comfort they provide.

That night I went to bed early in preparation for the week long battle with the cold virus. Maybe it was the 22 hour long sleep, my mom’s TLC or the buckets of chicken soup…..but 2 ½ days later I was outside, attempting to walk the 100ft to the Bay. Ah- fresh air! After being trapped inside for what seemed like eternity, this was a favorable change.

(5 min. Later…)

So now I’m jaunting down the hill toward the bay, rolling my oxygen tank behind me and suddenly, I’m hearing metal on pavement! Screech! The wheels on my oxygen roller had rusted completely off and the base looked more like a dumb bell than a part of a loading contraption. (*Wish I would have take a picture to post!) Stay calm. Relax by the bay for the remaining hour of oxygen and hope for a familiar face who could help, or sack up and carry the solid metal canister 100 ft up hill. Scoff if you will but the strain of that combination can be exhausting. Fortunately as I arose with tank in hand, my mom came down to help me. Gotta love moms! After playing phone tag with the oxygen company, they claimed to be sending out a brand new oxygen roller. I look forward to that delivery! Meanwhile, another day trapped inside chained to the oxygen concentrator….with the ocean calling my name.

I’m on my way!

~ Breathe Easy ~

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