Your Desitiny

A friend commented how interesting it is to see who people choose to become once you stop forcing them into a box of who you think they should be. Only then will you see their full potential and realize the illusion you were living in.

After years of physical and social trials, I have come to realize a simple yet empowering idea: Everything happens for a reason and those circumstances shape who we are. It’s funny, as much discomfort as surgeries and hospitalizations and negative comments from school kids may have caused in the past, I never wished for a different set of circumstances. I truly feel that without each trial and tribulation, my life’s journey would stray off course.There’s also a comfort in knowing that without the pain and struggle, there would not be the wisdom and empathy for others who suffer as well. Hence, like the butterfly flapping its wings analogy, without one event a new perspective is lost. While it is a difficult journey to find our calling, the true struggle is realizing your passion and making it a part of your daily life DESPITE society’s pre-judgements. Bottom line, don’t wait for people to let you become who you want to be. JUST DO IT….

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