Motivating or Destructive?

As a man with supplimentary oxygen needs I can attest to the fact that physical challenges can cause depression. In my case, carrying oxygen tanks can cause dizziness and headaches. Organizining those heavy tanks quickly in order to join spontaneous, active outings makes it all the more tiring. This has caused me to miss out on new adventures. To strengthen my lung capacity and gain energy, I bench, yoga or just practice deeply inhailing and exhailing. The catch-22, and thus frustratiion, is that while I consciously know exercise stimulates the mind and body, negitive thoughts trick me into believing it’s of no use to try. I have a few “rules” to keep a positive mindset.
1. Know yourself. Examine your thought process and be honest with your feelings.
2. Know your limitations and make small, attainable goals so you will see results.
3. Pain does NOT mean gain! There is a fine line between pushing mental and physcal cababilities (necessary for improvement) and overexerting yourself (unhealthy).
4. Everyone is different. Find what works best for your body and thought process.
5. IMPORTANT: Every individual is unique and gifted in different ways. Do NOT measure personal growth based on other people.

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