Planned Flexility

Last night my dad and I went out for some much needed bonding, deciding to see the film “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.” Not until we picked up our tickets at the counter did I realize that it was in 3D. Although I expected a killer action flick, I was unsure how much better 3D was than regular 2D. Seriously, the last time I saw a film in 3D was 20+ years ago at Disney World with Michael Jackson’s “Captain EO.” Could they really improve significantly from that amazing Disney ride?? Hey, whatever. I’ll Just enjoy the new experience….

So I put on those cheesy glasses and sat back, ready for something new and (hopefully) exciting. Oh wait! Did I use the restroom? Check! Snacks…Check! Soda…Check! Cell ringer off….Check! Where are the glasses? Oh, duh. Resting on my head….but I’m forgetting something. I examine the one of two oxygen tanks standing in the isle next to me, making sure it’s on and constantly flowing. I shine my cell phone light and watch that the needle stays on “Full” for a few moments. Whew. All good.

(On a previous movie night I turned the tank “ON.” The needle marked “full” so I put my attention toward the film. I had neglected to turn the nob all the way so I breathed the fresh air that was caught in the nozzle from last use; Im guessing it lasted 20 seconds. Fifteen minutes later, in a sudden spell of light-headedness, I looked at the gauge to see it was on “Empty.” How long had I been without O2???  What if I had fainted or hadn’t been with a group?? That episode scared the Sh*t outa me! Now I OVER-plan when it comes to packing oxygen tanks.)

Back to the story: So the “Hansel and Gretel” tees up and the first 30 seconds reveal an unfocused, blue trailer. Uh-Oh! Fortunately, the 3D snaps into place and within the first 15 minutes a kick-ass fight scene occurs that has me grabbing at oncoming blood and broken branches. All sorts of gruesome baddassery takes place while having an original twist on a familiar tale. Definitely a must see….In 3D!

This film event went smoothly but outings can also go very bad. Even when they don’t go wrong, the worry of something going wrong can ruin your enjoyment. We think of preparation as something necessary to accomplish difficult tasks but when you have breathing issues (or any issues for that matter), every task is potentially difficult. Attack Life!



2 thoughts on “Planned Flexility

  1. I really enjoy your blog! Great story about the O2 tanks! For the very first time in my 63 years of life, I’ll actually type “LOL”. So, LOL!

    My wife and I went to the Oregon coast a couple weekends ago, and the power went out. I didn’t realize it at first, because nothing was on that I would notice; no TV, lights, etc…except one thing: my oxygen concentrator! (For those of you who aren’t familiar with those, they supply oxygen without the use of supplemental tanks). So, after a moment or two, the familiar noise in the background was no longer there. No noise. How nice and quiet! How relaxing and pleasant! Except…no oxygen!!

    About three Xanax and 2 ml of morphine later, the power finally came back on. Of course, I had a couple tanks with me, so I didn’t reduce the hospice population. It was a bit stressful, though. I haven’t gone to a movie with my tanks yet, thinking it would be a hassle, and I suppose it would be, but your post has shown me that there’s no reason I shouldn’t. Thanks to you!


    • Your welcome! Going out can be a bit scary at times….calculating the amount of oxygen tanks and time you’ll be out and about. My rule of thumb is OVER-estimate. Have you seen the 2-tank rollars? A bit heavy to pull but it takes away some of the worry.


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