Thankful for Change

Greetings! I hope that everyone had a joyful Thanksgiving; stuffing food into stomachs and love into hearts. I had intended on writing at least one blog post a week however it has been unexpectedly tough to find my writing voice. (Coincidentally, I happen to be watching NBC’s The Voice right now! It is interesting to see what Cee-Lo will wear each week, LoL!) Who I am and how my life situations have shaped me: I understand more than the average bear. Putting that perspective into eloquent writing: more difficult than I had imagined.
So bare with me today as I talk about Change.
About a year ago our family moved into a smaller, older community, far away from the college-town city life where I’d grown up. From age six until last year, this home was all I knew. Every memory-be it a great or small event-was associated with the vibrant area. Though my friends had long since graduated college and moved away, it was still a struggle to grasp the idea of a change of scenery. It felt as if a part of me had died and that leaving the area would cause me to loose all my precious memories. Feeling depressed for months I did nothing but eat, sleep and watchTV. Logically I realized this lifestyle would not leave me fulfilled. Emotionally I felt lonely and unmotivated, leaving me to watch even more television. It was a terrible catch-22 in dire need of an ass-kicking!


After a tragic loss we may feel bored and depressed but sometimes just a simple routine can motivate. I noticed an interesting thing during one of my lower moments: doing nothing on a daily basis caused me to feel mentally and physically lethargic, while physical activity ironically stimulated my mind, body and spirit, giving me more energy!

During one of my energetic work out surges I had an epiphany: “I can waste time moping or I can use this point in my life to discover and build my talents. Try new hobbies!” It’s with this state of mind that I built my own backyard garden. Being a strong foodie and environmentalist, growing natural, healthy food is right in my wheelhouse. I have discovered a plethora of information to share on the subject of gardening which I will save that for another time.

People say, “Change is what you make it” but it is not easy to adapt to life’s curve balls when you have difficulty breathing. Those that rely on oxygen tanks, inhalers and the like know the challenge in leaving the home. Pre-planning oxygen tanks to travel, especially upon sudden invitiations, is evermore time consuming and difficult to manage.  Because of this challenge, there have been times I’ve looked in awe at my “normal” friends; graduated, 9-5 jobs, traveling and building families….as if fallowing a simple life-plan. I finally realized there is no definite life plan, we play the hand we are dealt.
Our situation does not define our mentality. Rather, our mentality defines our life situation! It is totally within our power to create our own unique perspective and view life through those glasses, be rose colored, blue colored or whatever color you choose! As Joyce Meyer more aptly put it, “Your attitude belongs to you and it’s your choice if you want to have a good one.” We mustn’t fear change, we must relish it. As Taco Bell once enlightened me, “Change Is Good.” There’s a simple truth to that.
~Breathe Easy~